XHTML live Chat based on the XMLHttpRequest Object (ajax)

Please consider this a proof of concept rather then a tested real world solution. I am happy for anybody to contribute and develop this further.

You can comment at at the original posting or contact me directly. The sources are available for download here.

Known issues

Works in latest IE(win), Firefox and Safari. IE does not support the png image format. Safari does not always clear the form and has problems with special characters. Omniweb is currently read only.

Older/other Browsers might not like it at all and I have not build in any means to catch those (or have this chat degrade gracefully).

As a chat it would be more intuitive if the layout was following the usual chat scheme: input at the bottom, history moving upwards.

The server-side script (which I did not publish for security reasons) could be improved.

The frequent update cycles should be intelligent (i.e. slow down if nothing has changed or switch into a pause mode)

Where do we go from here?

Apart from this being a chat I can think of some more (even more useful?) applications:

All of these could degrade gracefully if javascript is not available!


I have used the following resources:

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